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Hayley White

Having already held a well travelled passport since residing in both Maldives, Dubai and Europe, my career aim was to continue my adoration of travelling and the hospitality industry.

I decided to transfer these skills into the yachting industry in 2013, with the help and training from one of Universal Maritime's respected Skippers, Stuart Dawson.

My work with Universal began shortly after, and has simply been the best training and experience I could have ever expected.
The vast range of boats we are all exposed to enables me to hone on my versatility and experience, helping me recognise the different systems and routines required thus enhancing my performance as a crew member.

Regular areas of navigation commonly include the English Channel, River Thames, Solent and Dover Straits, making me no stranger to high density traffic areas and in just 2 years, I have managed to accrue over 10,000 Nautical Miles and have now attained my YachtMaster Offshore Qualification.