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Why Sea Delivery/FAQs

Delivery by sea has a number of advantages over other methods of transport.

We offer sea delivery direct from the manufacturer's yard or vendor, giving us the opportunity to audit the vessel and often identify and report on problems, which can be rectified before the yacht leaves the manufacturer, distributor or broker.

Unlike road transport Sea Delivery avoids any dismantling of the Yacht. By delivering a fully assembled boat, the cost, time delay and disruption of dismantling and re-assembly are avoided, as is the risk of damage to sensitive electronic equipment or damage to components in transit.

Sea Delivery eliminates lifting in and out of the water - which in the wrong hands has caused severe damage to Yachts in transit.

A Sea Delivery can be used to transfer our extensive knowledge of the vessel to the Owner or the Owner's Crew – who will be operating the vessel after the delivery is complete.

Other benefits include not having to wait on other people's schedules.

Delivery by sea is not appropriate in every case. We will always discuss with Clients the most appropriate method of transporting their Yacht.


Why should I consider sea delivery?
This method is precisely what the boat is designed for. The stress put upon a vessel during deck or road delivery can create problems. During sea delivery, the yacht is cleaned en-route and thoroughly before hand-over, meaning she can be presented to the customer in excellent order with no transport dirt and grime to remove.

Is the motor yacht in experienced hands?
Universal Maritime crews have thousands of hours of experience and understand all models of boat we deliver. This allows them to offer their knowledge and multi-disciplinary skills as skippers and engineers to test the boats on behalf of the customer. In the event of any defects we work closely with the manufacturers' after sales and warranty departments to undertake minor repairs and adjustments en route. Our crews use their knowledge to assess the optimum and most economical passage plan for the delivery. We understand the weather capability of each boat and constantly adjust the passage plan for a safe and timely arrival.

How do you prepare for a sea delivery?
All interior fittings, flooring, carpet and furniture are protected. We carefully pack and protect loose items to ensure each boat arrives in the best possible condition. If required, we can meet an owner on arrival for a familiarisation briefing. Each boat will be handed over and presented as agreed, to continue a delivery - or in showboat condition at it's destination. Our team knows how to prepare the yacht for the client's total satisfaction.

Will I have to insure the sea delivery? 
It is necessary that vessels carry hull insurance. In the event of a vessel not being insured Universal Maritime can arrange transport insurance on behalf of the owner. Universal Maritime carries GBP 10 million public liability insurance which can be increased where required.

How can I keep a track on my boat as it heads to its destination?
Via AIS constant tracking is available, otherwise via Universal Maritime office or direct with the vessel at regular intervals. 

Can owners travel with their boats during delivery?
Yes. Owners and / or their skippers are welcome to join their vessel for all or part of the delivery. This can be a highly beneficial familiarisation and training exercise or simply an enjoyable cruising experience.

You deliver but do you also provide Skippers and crew?
Yes. Universal Maritime provides Sea Trial Masters to assist manufacturers with sea trials. We also offer suitably experienced and qualified crew to owners for acceptance trials, auditing and export formalities. By arrangement Universal Maritime will provide Skippers and crew for vessels on an permanent or ad hoc basis.